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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Sommer Collier of the A Spicy Perspective

Sommer Collier is the resident cook of  She’s a mother of two “scrappy future food critics” and the wife of “Prince William’s long-lost twin.”  She’s a professional food writer, recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer.

She enjoys cooking meals that bring back happy memories and remind her of places she has traveled.  She also enjoys tweaking classic dishes to give them her personal makeover.  

For several years, she taught a local cooking class, Confidence in the Kitchen, which aimed to help people create quick, healthy delicious recipes at home.  The class has taken a sabbatical, but she has continued to offer scrumptious recipes that are easy to cook on her website.

1. What is your signature dish you feel represents you best as a chef?

A Spicy Perspective signature dishes

We like to cook such a wide variety of dishes, this is tricky question. We love foods that are bold and zesty, vibrant in color, and very comforting. Our Chipotle Lime Lamb Chops with Creamy Ranchero Sauce and Vietnamese Bun Cha Gio Bowls might best represent our style.

2. You've been to many places in the country.  Which city has provided you with the most memorable dining experience and why?

hawaii dish

Without a doubt, we love to eat on the island of Kauai, especially in Hanalei, for the fresh seafood and tropical produce creations... and for the fresh poke!

3. What is the last delicious dish that you accidentally created?

Mean Green Buddha Bowl Recipe

Our Mean Green Buddha Bowl Recipe was a dish that came together one night when I was low of groceries and digging through the pantry and freezer for anything to make a simple meal. It ended up being a healthy family favorite that even our kids love. 

4. Do you plan to revive Confidence In The Kitchen in the future?

At this point, no. A Spicy Perspective has become a full time family business and we just don't have time for classes. However, I do miss the personal interaction of the cooking classes, so who knows what the future might hold.

5. If presented with the opportunity to open up your own fully-equipped food truck, what kind of cuisine would you serve?


I think we'd like to have some sort of healthy asian-fusion food truck with a strong focus on Vietnamese and Korean cuisine. 

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