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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Kim Lange of The Baking ChocolaTess

Kim Lange is the creator of The Baking ChocolaTess. She is a self-taught baker and food photographer who is a self-confessed chocoholic.

“Yup…I am super crazy obsessed with chocolate and have deemed myself the right to be crowned, sworn in and hailed as the royal ‘ChocolaTess’!”

These days she directs her chocolate obsession towards creating old-fashioned desserts with unique twists and flavors.

She has the most delicious cookies, brownies and bars recipes that are easy to make.

1. It's quite obvious how much you love baking. Have you always had the passion for it? Do you also cook savory foods?

Always had a passion for it. My parents worked lots of hours, so I took on doing the majority of cooking and baking during the summer months, when I was pretty young around 9-10 years old. I cook a ton of savory foods, spaghetti and meatballs being my favorite! Pasta anything is pretty much a favorite!

2. What keeps you busy when you're not whipping up delicious treats and sweets? Can you walk us through a regular day in your life?

Well unfortunately, I have a day job, so I work as an Engineering Coordinator for a large group of engineering for a company that manufactures spinal parts. I also am an internal auditor for the company as well. On the side, when I have time, I love genealogy and I have been researching my family tree for about 8 years now. I also love watching old movies on Turner Classic Movie Channel, especially anything from the 40's and 50's like CasaBlanca and Gaslight. Other than that, cook, clean and work on my blog and doing all the social media stuff. Busy, busy days!

3. Are you "cooking" exciting plans for your blog? What can your readers look forward to in the next months?

I love baking in the fall. That's when I get the most traffic on the blog, so there will be more apple, pumpkin, Halloween treats and jell-o shots! I also plan on doing 2 digital ebooks with peanut butter and chocolate recipes and cookie recipes for Christmas gifts.

4. Aside from chocolate, what are your three other favorite ingredients?

My favorite ingredients to use are peanut butter, oatmeal and Greek yogurt.

5. What is your one original recipe that you are proudest of?

OMG...I guess if I have to pick, I love my Pumpkin Butter Pecan Poke Cake. It's crazy, insanely good and great for the upcoming holidays! A close second would be my Double Stuff Oreo Brownie Chocolate Mousse Trifle.


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