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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: George Bryant of the Civilized Caveman

Today we speak with George Bryant of the popular Civilized Caveman website. George Bryant is a professional Husband, Bonus Dad and family man. He is also the New York Times Best-Selling author of The Paleo Kitchen and creator of the wildly popular Paleo food blog “Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.”

After spending the first 20-something years of his life in a constant battle with his weight, and then nearly losing both his legs while on deployment as a US Marine, George took matters into his own hands and began his own Paleo-journey. What started as a simple place to post recipes for friends, has since turned into an award-winning food blog. After being in the Marines for 12 years, George has since been medically separated and is enjoying working full time creating delicious Paleo recipes, while hoping to change as many lives for the better by making REAL food recipes simple and tasty. 

1. The Civilized Caveman Cooking, your awesome blog covers fun topics ranging from recipes, meal plans, health and reviews. What are your absolute favorite categories or topics to write about?

My website, Civilized Caveman Cooking does cover a variety of topics to ensure we help people and provide them information and tools wherever they may need it. Right now, my favorite thing to create is recipe Videos. We just started releasing our recipes with videos and they are a huge hit. You can see all the videos here.
Check out Civilized Caveman's Chocolate Stuffed Pancakes video below:

2. Your site has been around and thriving for years. What are some of the major factors has contributed to the success and long staying power of the site?

Thank you for noticing that. We have been around since April of 2010 and super proud of that. I think the biggest key to success is really focusing on the needs of our fans and delivering content that helps them improve their lives. Rather than posting recipes or articles that I want to create, I spend a lot of time on social media taking notes and reading peoples requests. This gives me all the information I need to give them exactly what they are looking for.
Two Ingredient Pot Roast

3. You have a New York Times Bestseller book, The Paleo Kitchen. Can you tell us a little bit about that and how that came about?

Ah yes The Paleo Kitchen. That book was quite a labor of love and took around 18 months to create. I am beyond proud of the success we had with that book hitting #4 in the world on the New York Times List because it gave us exposure to get healthy in the hands of more people. I love that I have a book but more than anything I love constantly growing and evolving our website and business to help people anyway we can. I wish I could publish a video cookbook!

4. I read your story, and it's truly inspiring. I wonder - who introduced you to Paleo?  Did you discover it while you were deployed in Afghanistan?

I discovered Paleo by accident while I was in Afghanistan. I was in the middle of nowhere and stumbled across Robb Wolf's book, The Paleo Solution. At the time I was struggling pretty bad with my bulimia, body image issues and weight. Once I read the book and learned about Paleo, it seemed like a simple way to lose weight and it ended up being the key to my recovery and passion to create a living to help and inspire others.
george bryant paleo journey

5. I've also read about your struggle with bulimia. Your blog post about that is quite moving and powerful.  Can you tell us a little bit about how Paleo helps you battle your eating disorder?

Yes I am extremely open about my entire past, eating disorder included. I truly believe that when we are radically open and honest, it takes the power and negativity away from situations in our life. I also believe that it inspires and empowers other to work towards healing and recovery in their own lives. Paleo has been a huge factor in my recovery by healing my body from the inside out, regulating hormones, cravings, and always giving me plenty of options of real food to enjoy.
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