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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Amy Kritzer of What Jew Wanna Eat

Amy Kritzer is the founder of, the owner of and the author of Sweet Noshings.

In her spare time she enjoys theme parties and glitter.


1. When you tweak your Bubbe's recipes, do you make huge changes? How do you make her recipes your own?

When I started, I just put small twists on her recipes. Now I get inspiration from everything from meals that I eat to ingredients I find at a farmer's market. I love taking inspiration from Jewish cuisine to make a whole new type of food.

2. Your Bubbe seems really precious. Is she your biggest influence when it comes to cooking?

She's adorable! Yes I loved to bake and cook with Bubbe growing up, and she has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. She's so proud!

3. Did you imagine that your blog would be this popular?  What's the most surprising thing about being a food blogger?

I guess I did! I work really hard at it, and connected with real people from the beginning. When I started getting emails from people saying how making my recipes connected them to their heritage, I realized food, especially ethnic cuisine like Jewish food, really touches people.

4. What are the three ingredients that you love to use?

Ooh tough! I've been really into tahini lately. And living in Texas I have to say chiles. And sumac.

5. Can you give us your three favorite original recipes?

My Bourbon and Coffee Braised Brisket, Manischewitz Chocolate Truffles and Everything Bagel Beet Deviled Eggs! 

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