Silicone Ice Cube Tray Lid Fits 1.4" & 2.0" Superb Cube Long Ice Molds

Do you want to enjoy clean and odor-free ice cubes for your drinks? Then get a cover for your ice cube trays. Our ice cube tray lid prevents freezer burn, giving you clear, great tasting ice cubes all the time. And if you own a Pratico Kitchen Superb Cube Long Ice Cube Trays (or similar sized ice trays) with no lid, this ice tray cover fits perfectly. Grab one now and say goodbye to bad freezer smell on your ice cubes!

Features & Details

  • Designed to fit the Superb Cube 1.4” cube (18 cubes) and 2.0” cube (8 cubes) long ice cube trays by Pratico Kitchen (sold separately)
  • Made from FDA-approved, 100% BPA free, food grade reinforced plastic
  • Ice tray lid prevents foul freezer smell or taste from sticking to your ice cubes
  • Prevents entry of unwanted particles from fridge food that might cause unpleasant taste or odor to your ice cubes 
  • Ice cubes remain clean, fresh, and free from contamination
  • Stacks and organizes multiple ice trays – the lid keeps them steady in place
  • Stacking ice trays free up space for other items you need to store in the freezer
  • Provides water tight seal so it’s spill-proof and leak-proof
  • Just place lid on top of the ice cube mold and snap to secure
  • With convenient lift tab for easy opening
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Note: We cannot guarantee it will fit ice molds other than our own ice cube trays. Contact us for info.
$ 5.99

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