Silicone Dish Drying Mat and Trivet, Nonslip Drainer - Green

FITS ANYWHERE TO SAVE SPACE – This dish drying mat and trivet can fit any dish rack or storage space. It has a foldable design for optimum compact storage. Put it inside your cupboard, drawer or have it leaning against your backsplash, or hang it on your wall, it perfectly fits just fine! Its bright green color reduces eyesore and gives a fresh look in your kitchen instead.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL & MULTI-PURPOSE – Fold it in half and use it as a trivet for hot pots and pans. Open it fully, and it can serve as a drying mat, fridge liner, or even a pet mat. You can also put your salad bowl or baking bowl on top of it, so that your bowls stay in place while you are mixing your ingredients.

SAFE TO USE, NO MESS – It is made of FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, which is safe to use. The mat is designed with slanted grooves & drip drains to funnel excess water. It maximizes drainage and aeration so that your dishes dry faster and water evaporates quickly. No mess, no stress. It is soft to twist and adjust, yet durable and does not break or scratch off easily.

EASY TO CLEAN, DISHWASHER SAFE – This mat is easy to clean. You can use running water to rinse off any food particles, and then just simply wipe off any unwanted liquid or spills with a dry paper towel, or cotton kitchen towel, and it’ll be squeaky clean. You can also choose to air-dry it. And since it’s dishwasher safe, you can place it in the dishwasher for a quick clean.

MADE IN TAIWAN – Our dish drying mat is made in Taiwan using top-of-the-line technology, so you are assured of the best quality.

FoldNGo Silicone Dish Drying Mat and Trivet – The Solution to Your Drying Needs

Are you tired of microfiber mats which are often dirty, hard to clean, and prone to accumulating bacteria? Are you fed up with dish racks that are too big and take up a lot of space? If that’s the case, you will definitely love our silicone dish drying mat!

✔ TOP NOTCH QUALITY & SAFE TO USE – Designed with slanted grooves and drip drains to dry dishes faster and facilitate quick water evaporation.  This is made of finest quality, BPA-free, hygienic, food-grade silicone to ensure your family’s health and safety. It is soft so it does not scratch your precious crystal dishes or stemware. Non-slip so it keeps all your items intact.

DRIES FAST, DISHWASHER SAFE – Dries dishes faster than dish mats. Easy to clean. Just wipe off liquid spills and food crumbles with a dry paper towel or kitchen towel and it will be as if it was not used. Rinsing it with running water is also another way to clean this dish mat. Or, you can toss it in the dishwasher for a quick clean. Make sure to take it out after 1 cycle is completed.

GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES – Soft and folds in half, it can be stored in compact spaces like the kitchen drawers, rvs, campers, and apartments. This is a great addition to your tiny kitchen. If you plan to move to a tiny house, this will be the perfect tiny equipment that you will only need, which is multifunctional and fits even in the smallest of spaces: drawers, kitchen cupboards, utensil rack, knife rack or simply have it leaning against your kitchen backsplash!

SERVES VARIETY OF USES – It is safe to use as a trivet. Fold it in half to use as a trivet. Open it fully and use it as a drying mat, fridge liner or any other purposes. You can also repurpose this as a pet mat for your kitten or puppy. You can also use this to keep you salad bowls or baking bowls steady when mixing. Just put it under your mixing bowls, and mix away, stress-free!

MADE IN TAIWAN – It was made using only the finest technology in Taiwan. so, you are assured of great quality that can last a long time.

Our FoldNGo Silicone Dish Drying Mat and Trivet is the perfect gift for your wife, sister, or mom. It is perfect for weddings, parties, or any other occasions. It is also perfect for everyday use. Make sure to grab one now!
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