Towel Dish Cloth Holder with Hook for Kitchen & Bathroom - 2 Pack

INNOVATIVE HANGING HOOK– Here’s a unique way to hold towels in place. No more slip offs. No need for any adhesive. No more torn towels from poorly designed hooks. Clip it on and use them without any problem. Use it wherever you need a towel.

EASY TO INSTALL, EASY TO USE – It is so easy to install and use. Hang the holder using the hook over the location you want to use it. Then push-in the towel into the jaw and pull them out to remove. An improvised hand towel hanger that you can put anywhere inside or outside of your home.

2-PACK TO USE ANYWHERE – This plastic holder or hanging hook can be used anywhere. In your kitchen, bathroom or even in your garage. Use it to hang tea towels, hand towels, bath towels, clothes, or any type of cloth that needs to be hung. It can hold things in place without the hassle of falling off.

GET HOOKED WITH ITS DESIGN –This towel holder comes in a cute yet elegant design which only adds a different appeal to your place. This makes it ideal to use in the bathroom, shower, or kitchen. Unlike your traditional wall hand towel, this towel hook gives it a playful yet relaxed look wherever you place it.

MADE IN JAPAN – We only want the best products for our customers. We make sure they’re of great quality and finish. Japan is known for high quality yet affordable products. Be sure to get one of these Omnihooks now before supplies last!


No more towel slips and no more towel tearing with our OmniHook Portable Towel Holder. They are easy to use. They stay firmly in place, and they can hold your towel safe and secure.

You have to get these OmniHook Towel Holders Because They Are:

 EASY AND CONVENIENT TO USE - This portable towel holder can be installed anywhere where you need it – kitchen, bathroom, shower, or anywhere else inside your house. It is so easy to use, just clip on your towel by pushing it in and remove it easily by pulling it out.

CHILD-FRIENDLY – These hooks are better than towel bars. Even kids can use them. They’re completely frustration-free when compared to most traditional towel hooks. Towels won’t easily fall to the floor, so no more dirty towels!

CUTE AND HAVE A PLAYFUL DESIGN – They are decorative, and they can add aesthetic appeal to your home, with its playful design. Gone are those rusty towel bars which are an eyesore. Get your own Omnihook now and get hooked!

 PERFECT FOR ANY CLOTH – These hooks are perfect for hanging tea towels, bath towels, wash clothes, or any cloth that you need hanging.

✔ MADE IN JAPAN – Great quality and finish to ensure the best products for our customers. So, why think twice? ORDER NOW & Get these 2 Set of Towel Hooks!

So, why think twice? ORDER NOW & Get these 2 Set of Towel Hooks!

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