Multipurpose Removable Strainer, Mixing Bowl and Measuring Cup - 1.1 L

✔ QUICK, SAFE & EASY POUR – The multi strainer comes with a dustpan design which makes pouring quick and clean. No fuss and no mess.
✔ SERVES VARIOUS PURPOSES – This strainer serves other purposes. It also functions as a mixing bowl and measuring cup. It can hold up to 1.1 L (37.1 oz). The bowl has measuring lines to ensure correct measurements.
✔ REMOVABLE STRAINER – Strainer is removable which makes is easy to clean. Place it back to strain.
✔ QUALITY, MICROWAVEABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE– Safe to use. It is made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic that is safe to use for your family. Stick it inside the microwave. It can withstand temperature of up to 284°F. It is easy to clean too! Just throw it in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.
✔ MADE IN JAPAN – To ensure quality, this product was made in Japan using only the best technology.

Trifecta Multipurpose Strainer – the Ultimate 3-in-1 Solution to Meet Your Kitchen Needs


Now, you can get rid of your strainer, mixing bowl and measuring cups. Our Trifecta Multipurpose Strainer can do them all! No more trying to stuff different kitchen tools into your kitchen cabinets or drawers. You only need this multipurpose strainer, and you’re all set.

Our Trifecta Multipurpose Strainer is a great addition to your kitchen. It will be your go-to tool once you have it. Don’t miss out. Grab yours now!

$ 16.99

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