8 Stainless Steel Straws Straight Set - 5 Pack (40 Straws)


Reusable Stainless Steel Straws are the Way to Go!

More reasons why you need to purchase our stainless steel straight straws:

  • 40 piece stainless steel straws – Includes 8 straight straws in different lengths - 2x 12.2 inches straws, 2x 10.4 inches straws, 2x 9.4 inches straws, 2x 8.5 inches straws in a pack of 5. Size increases when drinking tips are inserted. Each straw fits a variety of bottles, tumblers and cups. The tallest straw could even fit a wine bottle. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, these straws are perfect! Bring it with you when you are out hiking, climbing, driving or biking.
  • Silicone tips and silencers – Protect your teeth and lips from temperature shock from hot or cold drinks. Teeth to metal contact can be annoying and unsafe too, so use the included silicone tips for a comfortable sipping. The colorful silicone silencers also help reduce that irritating rattling sound when the straws come in contact with metal tumblers or glass bottles. Silicone tips and silencers are BPA-free and food safe.
  • Perfect as gifts  These straws are great to give to your friends for their birthdays, or even on ordinary days. If you are one who frequently eat out or drink with friends, these stainless steel straws are the perfect companion.
  • High quality – Superior stainless steel, no rusting, warping or bending when used on hot drinks. Some steel or metal straws tend to rust after several use. Will last for years!
  • Convenient  These straws come in a set of 8, ready for your beach party, hiking adventure or your next road trip. They can be easily stored in your backpack, purse or even in your pocket using the carrying case. They won’t bend or break at all

One small step can go a long way and positively affect the environment for years! So what are you waiting for? Get your own reusable steel drinking straw set NOW and enjoy a new kind of sipping experience!

$ 45.99