Pratico Kitchen Replacement Top Cap for LargePour Pitcher, Black

✔ TOP QUALITY INNOVATION - Made in Japan with strict quality standards and innovative design featuring integrated ergonomic foldable sturdy carry handle for easy carrying and serving. Also available in White.

✔ LEAK AND SPILL-PROOF- Airtight lid ensures no leaks are present even when the pitcher is stored on its side. Spout lock ensures there’s no accidental opening, and spout gasket prevents messy spills.

✔ ONE-HANDED POURING MECHANISM - Features thumb-activated lock/unlock pouring system by simply pushing down on the cover to open the spout. No need for twisting to open or close like other pitchers.

✔ HANDLES THE HEAT - Made from advanced heat resistant, FDA-approved, BPA-Free SAN plastic that can handle high or boiling temperature liquid inside the pitcher.

✔ EASY TO CLEAN - Parts are removable for easy, thorough, and time-saving cleaning of every corner of the top cap, either by hand or dishwasher.

A Time-Saving, Leak-Proof Top Cap Replacement For Your Cap-Less LargePour Pitcher

No need to throw your old LargePour Pitcher away just because you lost or broke its top cap. You can still use them to store your favorite cold and hot drinks. You only need to get a Pratico Kitchen replacement top cap for your LargePour pitcher.

✔ REUSE YOUR OLD, TOP CAP-LESS LARGEPOUR PITCHER - Start using your old Pratico Kitchen LargePour Pitcher for hot and cold liquid storage once again.

✔ EASY TO USE WITH ONE HAND - Features a unique thumb-activated opening/locking mechanism for easy pouring and integrated collapsible carry handle for easy carrying and serving.

✔ EASY TO MAINTAIN - Lid, carry handle, and silicone gasket are easily removable for thorough cleaning.

 Note: Do not place it in the freezer or microwave.

 Get a top cap replacement for your LargePour pitcher now!


$ 7.99