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What Makes Pratico Kitchen's Ambrosia Zeus Whiskey Glass Stand Out From the Rest

Drinking is all about the experience – and this includes drinking whiskey.  You don’t really chug it down. It’s not a chug game. It’s a slow drinking game.  You savor every bit of it.  So, you have to make sure that you have the right whiskey glass for it.  And we’re quite proud to say that Pratico Kitchen’s Ambrosia Zeus Whiskey Glass is one – if not the best – whiskey glass in the market.

Drinking whiskey is about the experience, and we’ve endeavored to make sure that we give only the best experience to you.

There Are Four Things That You Have to Consider When Buying a Whiskey Glass:

First off, you have to consider the appearance and the look of the glass. Our whiskey glass is large, but it has a classy design. It is comfortable to hold as well. Its form and clarity will definitely enhance your drinking experience.


Ambrosia Zeus Whiskey Glass


The second consideration is the feel of the glass.  Our Ambrosia Zeus whiskey glass is nice to hold. Its weight, size and grip are all just right.

The third consideration is drinkability.  This refers to how easily the glass is to drink from. Our whiskey glass is thick and has an easy curvatures and slopes for easy handling.  You don’t need to worry about spills when drinking from this glass.

Finally, when choosing your whiskey glass, you need to consider its nosing capability. This is possibly the most important factor to consider. This refers to how easily your glass allow for a proper nose of your drink. It’s the curvature and the shape that determines how well the glass is structured for a good nosing. Our whiskey glass is large enough to hold a 2.5 inch ice cube, so we’re pretty sure you can get in there for a good nosing.


Ambrosia Zeus Whiskey Glass


Why Just Get One? Get a Collection of Our Zeus Whiskey Glass! Here’s why:

If you’ve bought our 2.5 inch ice cube molds, this whiskey glass is the perfect glass for it. It can fit large ice cubes. It has 3.5 inch opening, so it can definitely fit jumbo ice cubes. This means you can keep your kitchen cold for a lot longer than usual.

The diameter and size would allow you to hold up to 14 oz of liquid, so you will enjoy a lot more of your favorite drinks.

Ambrosia Zeus Whiskey Glass

Our Ambrosia Zeus whiskey glass is handmade and hand blown. It is completely lead-free. It Is highly refractive. It has an old-fashioned design, and it boasts of superior quality. The hard surface can resist breaking, chirping, or scratching.  You can wash it in the dishwasher without worrying about etches, cloudiness, or discoloration.

What Do Customers Say About It?

“It's a glass that holds the gigantic cubes so in fashion these days. Adequate. Functional. What more do you need to know?” - C. William Sandberg

“These are very nice (and big) glasses. As pictured, they do handle the 2.25” ice cubes with no problem. The indentations on the side of the glass make the larger diameter easier the handle and comfortable to hold.” - Matthew White


Ambrosia Zeus Whiskey Glass


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