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Simplified Guide to Buying a Nonstick Fry Pan

Non-stick fry pans are the kitchen rave of this age. They are convenient to use, easy to wash, and are often budget-friendly. But the question is - how do you find the best non-stick fry pan?  

Choose the Right Size

When buying your next nonstick fry skillet, consider the number of people you cook for most often. Let's say you need a day-to-day pan for a family of two to four persons.

Your best bet is a standard-sized nonstick skillet which has a 20- to 28-centimeter diameter. With this, you can make anything from omelets to pasta in a single batch.

Day-to-day nonstick fry pan

Are you someone who loves hosting dinners at home? And do you need to upgrade your cookware to accommodate this hobby?

Big fry pans are great when you have to cook for a big group. If you do not have guests often, cleaning and storing large cookware is a lot of trouble.

Safety Comes First

Do you often roast meat? Dishes that cook at high temperature for extended periods of time need a "PFOA-free" labeled cookware.

When a frying pan is left on the stove top too long and too often, its coating can disintegrate and mix with the food. Fumes from the coating can also get into the air inside your home. And when you use a pan with a non-durable coating, you are putting your family's health at risk.

Roasted kebabs on fry pan

PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid is one major concern with nonstick cookware. This was found by experts to be carcinogenic. Constant exposure to PFOA puts you at risk of thyroid diseases and heart diseases.

Choose Versatility

If you have to work in a small- or medium-sized kitchen, get a non-stick fry pan that is versatile in function. This way, you won't need to get different pans for different cooking jobs. Versatile cookware saves you storage space as well. Then again, a multi-functional skillet is a delight to have even when you have a huge kitchen.

Speaking of versatility, have you tried a fry pan with a detachable handle?

Cleverona essentials fry pan with detachable handle

Because the pan’s handle snaps off, this can be used when cooking in an oven. It is also better than other conventional pans when used as a serving dish. Washing is easier too because it fits right into the sink or the dishwasher.

Go Induction-ready

While non-stick fry pans can be used in any cooktop, not all non-stick skillets can be used with an induction cooker. It will be unsettling to find out later that fry pan you got won't work on your new cooktop. Sometimes, checking if the pan is labeled "induction-ready" is not enough.

When you are buying online, take the time to read reviews. Check if there are reviews that confirm how well the cookware works with an induction cooker.

Nonstick fry pan on induction cooker

When purchasing from a department store, bring a piece of magnet with you. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, it should work with an induction cooker. Induction cookers use electromagnetic induction to transmit heat from the cooktop to the cookware. This only works when the cookware has iron components. The way for you to test this, aside from checking with the demo guy, is with a piece of magnet.

Do Not Delay

The moment you see scratches and dents on your fry pan, refrain from using it. Scratches on the nonstick coating hint that the material will get in contact with your food. Dents allow poor heat distribution. Altogether, these prevent you from serving great dishes. Better not delay and update your skillet.

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