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Celebrate International Youth Day the Foodie Way

Every year on the 12th of August, we celebrate International Youth Day. This day is commemorated with parades, educational talks, and other youth related awareness events. But have you thought about celebrating this event with food?

This year's theme is "Youth Building Peace." There is no better way to build peace than by making, enjoying, and sharing good food. So gather the kids and celebrate this year's International Youth Day the foodie way.

Host a cooking workshop

Empower children to choose good food by imparting basic skills in the kitchen. Kids are foodies in general. Eating is an activity they'll embrace especially during their growth spurt years. Better introduce them to the ways of the kitchen.

Celebrate International Youth Day - Cooking Workshop

Cooking is a creative process so it should spark the interest their interest. Basic food and cooking skills will go along way. You can start with simple cooking jobs such as sauteing, deep frying, cooking rice, working with knives, and using herbs and spices. Some enlightened (food-loving) soul once said:

"world peace begins in the kitchen."

Organize a multi-cuisine party

"The thing I absolutely love about food is it's a common thread that connects us no matter what culture we come from." - Poh Ling Yeow, Masterchef Aus Runner-up

That quote above is true. Ask anybody who has been bitten by the travel bug, and they'd tell you that food is one of the things that make them fall in love with a destination.

If traveling is not yet an option for your kids, a multi-cuisine party or potluck is the next best thing. Plan out the menu or just serve a buffet with the food from different cuisines.

Celebrate International Youth Day - MultiCuisine Party

To experience the taste, the aroma and the texture of a dish from another culture is truly something. Try your best to stick with original ingredients and cooking methods.

Add fun to the party, by hosting a game that boosts everyone's knowledge about food & culture.

Two Truths and a Lie Foodie Edition is an example. Participants will take turns telling the group 3 food related statements. 2 of these should be true and the other 1 a lie. The group will then guess which one is the lie.

Food trivia games are also another option. The great thing about trivia games is that they make your participants think up answers - some will be funny. But in the end, these games are an opportunity to learn about food, cultures and stories races.

Here is a bonus: Did you know that the Japanese originally popularize fortune cookies in America? During the 2nd World War when the Japanese were contained, the Chinese took over the fortune cookie businesses seeing that it had great marketing potential. Since then, fortune cookies had been thought of as a delicacy in the Chinese cuisine.  

Truly, good food is a channel to build world peace. If you are looking for something fun to do to commemorate International Youth Day, turn to these ideas.