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2021’s top design trends for that ultimate kitchen makeover


So you spent a lot of your time at home the past year. Cooking in the kitchen more than usual and hanging around the house might have given you ideas on improving your kitchen. Whether it’s a new appliance, a unique storage solution, or a simple make over, there’s always room for improvement. Here are the latest trends you can get for your kitchen this year. Customize and furnish your kitchen to fit your needs and style.

The broken-plan kitchen

Broken plan kitchen

Broken plan kitchens are designed to give you the sense of openness and space, yet still retain the independence of the kitchen and living areas. This kitchen design will give your home better lighting and a more sociable atmosphere. Parents may take advantage of the unobstructed view when taking care of the kids while being busy in the kitchen. Use half-walls, different floor finishes, or freestanding shelves to separate zones but still maintain the bright open space.

Living room furnishing

Living room furnishing kitchen

Ideal with the open plan kitchen design, incorporating living room furnishing will bring a more comfortable, cozy feel to your home. Get the most out of your living space by connecting the living room and kitchen. Different wall colors or lighting can help differentiate the areas. Make your kitchen the heart of your home by providing a comfortable place for your family.

Classic wood

Classic wood kitchen

Wood finishes are definitely making a comeback in 2021. While bright pop up colors are also trending, bare wood finishes are still relevant. The warm tone will help your kitchen resonate an organic and earthy vibe. 

Old but gold

Rustic Kitchen

You can also use reclaimed wood to bring a vintage and rustic feel. Match the ambiance with repurposed design pieces to complete the theme.

Marvel at the marble

Marble Kitchen

Marble will always be in style they say, and heavily veined marble is making its way to our countertops. Marble is durable, highly sustainable, and able to surpass passing trends, making it a great investment. 

For the love of green


Green Kitchen

Blue or navy colors dominated 2020, but this year, it’s time for green to shine. We see a steady rise in popularity of green forest tones in kitchens. This emerald color can be as dramatic and luxurious as it’s navy rival. 

Being blue

Blue kitchen

Though green may be winning the race among color themes for our kitchen, blue is a close second. The classic moody blue kitchen still holds its spot as one of the top trends in 2021.

A colored kitchen life

Colorful kitchen

Get rid of the old plain white design and play with the color palette. Add different vibrant colors to your kitchen to liven up your home. See which colors match your taste or use unexpected color matchings for fun. 

Smart storage

Kitchen larder

Kitchen larders or pantry cupboards are back. In small compact kitchens where space is a luxury, having these pre-refrigerator era cabinets will provide a clutterless and efficient storage solution. Store dry foods, spices and vegetables in a single space. These floor to ceiling cabinets could even hold small appliances like toasters, blenders and coffee makers.

Hidden functionality - integrated kitchen appliances

Integrated appliance

The trend for clutterless and compact kitchens is rising, and as we add more appliances to our kitchen, saving space and retaining the look is essential. Integrated appliances create a uniform look for your kitchen, providing a seamless design for your cabinets. Kitchen appliances are kept behind panels, taking up space that would have been used by cupboards, thus maintaining functionality and style. This design is well suited where floor and surface area is limited.

Tile it up

Kitchen tile design

Whether it be backsplashes or giving accent to your floors, tiles are definitely a mainstay in kitchen trends. Try terracotta for that earthy vibe, or go for handmade ceramic tiles for a classic kitchen look. Design from the floor up and add statement floors to zone out kitchens in an open-plan design home. Make a statement by adding tiled backsplashes and play with the tile arrangement to satisfy that hunger for creativity.

The kitchen is definitely one of  our go-to places inside the house. With easily accessible refreshments and comfortable kitchen nooks, it’s no wonder that this part of the house is one of our favorites. If you do decide to add some spice to your kitchen (pun intended), choose whatever design will bring happiness inside your home. If 2020 ever taught us anything, it’s that we all need a break from all that’s wrong in this world. Your kitchen doesn’t only provide you with good food, but can also be the place that makes you feel most at home.