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Kitchen Guide: Twelve Gadgets and Tools for Foodies

Outfitting your kitchen can be quite tricky especially when you don’t know what to do or you’re just starting from scratch.  Are you still using the same pans you’ve been using in college?  It’s definitely time to update your kitchen with new tools and maybe you can get these awesome gadgets too.  These are the must-have gadgets for foodies like you.

1. iDevices iGrill2 Thermometer


Make sure you get the temperature right with this thermometer from iDevices.  It has multiple probes to help you track the temperature of different kinds of meat.  You only need to open the app on your phone.  Yes, you can control this gadget with your phone.



2. Praticube Large Ice Cube Mold

Enjoy your cold drinks longer with the Praticube Large Ice Cube Mold. It creates 2.25 inch ice cubes, so you can enjoy your drink longer without diluting it.  You can prepare large batches of drinks like iced tea or lemonade this summer.  A large ice cube offers a bigger surface area to cool your drink.  A single cube can last up to 4 hours.


3. Impress Single-Cup Coffee Brewer

This 2-piece Single-Cup Coffee Brewer from Impress can brew a delicious cup of coffee that is out of this world in less than 3 minutes.  The product combines the technology of a standard coffee maker with the delightful flavors of a French press.



4. Hammacher Schlemmer Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

This is a must-have gadget for meat enthusiasts.  In a few months, we’ll be enjoying the outdoor grilling season.  You don’t have to be a grilling expert in order to prepare awesome burgers and barbecues. A marinade-infusing meat tenderizer from Hammacher Schlemmer will help enhance the flavor of the meat.  This tenderizer has a built-in plunger that releases three ounces of marinade into a two-pound steak.  There are 27 stainless steel blades that can cut through the meat’s connective tissues, so your meat doesn’t become chewy.

5. Williams-Sonoma Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

For people who enjoy to host fancy parties, you might want to equip your kitchen with a Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank from Williams-Sonoma.   This is also a perfect gift to friends who love hosting wine and cheese parties.  The dense salt plate adds flavor to meat and seafood.  You can also freeze the plate for serving fruits, vegetables and cheese with a hint of salt.  Not only will your food benefit from the pink slab of salt, but you will also have a truly extraordinary presentation.

6. Uncommon Goods Molecular Gastronomy Kit

If you’re a food geek who fancies yourself a molecular gastronomist, you would definitely love this kit.  Molecular gastronomy is quite popular in the culinary world.  It has made a named for itself in many major cities in the world.  For people who love science, art and culinary arts – this is the ultimate tool. It’s quite remarkable.  This how-to kit from Uncommon Goods instructs its users how to deconstruct a dish and change its look and feel.

7. SnackCubby - Multi-purpose Reusable Snack Bag & Ice Pop Mold

It is time to throw out your plastic bags. The SnackCubby Snack Bag and Ice Pop is the best solution for storing your snacks.  It’s reusable.  It can fit raisins, granolas, pretzels, and peanuts.  It can hold about 8.5 ounces of snacks and other items, so this is perfect for people who portion and control their food intake.






8. Aerolatte Milk Frother

This is perfect for Starbucks’ enthusiasts.  You and your latte-drinking friends will greatly appreciate this milk frother.  You can make your own coffee beverages and enjoy the flavors or Starbucks beverages.  You wouldn’t have to spend $4 on your coffee.  This frother is perfect for both cold and hot drinks.  It can create some serious froth in under a minute.

9. Maldon Sea Salt Gift Pack

Every food enthusiasts from home cooks to professional chefs know that if there is one thing that can make everything taste automatically better, it’s salt.  This product comes with a variety of seasoning including the sea salt flakes and whole black peppercorn.




10. Firebox Aroma R-Evolution









If you are a cook who like to think outside the box when it comes to food and cooking, you will enjoy the Firebox Aroma R-Evolution.  It is a gift that keeps on giving. As you eat, the Aroma forks release vapors that intensify the flavors of your food.  It enhances dishes with a combination of flavors, so you get more surprising, unusual, and incredibly delicious dishes.

11. Zoku Single-serve Ice Cream Maker

If you love ice cream, you will love this single-serve ice cream make from Zoku.  This is also an awesome gift to friends with sweet tooth.  You don’t have to go out to buy a pint of ice cream.  You can just make it yourself.

12.  The Orange Chef Chef Sleeve

Hardcover cookbooks will never run out of style, so it is still a great idea to stock up on awesome cookbooks.  However, you can also check out delicious recipes using your iPad cookbooks.  They are just as wonderful for foodies and home cooks as the usual paper cookbooks are.  They are also portable. However, the kitchen is not the ideal place for an iPad.  Use a Chef Sleeve from The Orange Chef to protect your gadgets.