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10 Secrets To Baking Like A Pro

Ever wonder why you don’t succeed in baking your favorite cake, your kids’ craving for cookies, or your parents’ muffins they’ve been requesting? You’re probably doing some things wrong. You may not have the right measurement for the ingredients, not using the proper baking equipment, you overheat, or all of them. Don’t worry, with proper guidance, you can bake your pastries the best way possible.

Okay, here’s a big spill. Is it even considered a secret when someone tells you something about, let’s say, how to bake like a pro? Guess not, right? But we’ll give it to you; and with this knowledge, you can either share it to your friends so they, too, can be a pro, or keep it to yourself and let them be impressed with your baking skill.

Baking is straightforward following recipes and instructions, but there are quite a few things that only the best pastry chefs and bakers know. Here are 10 secrets to baking like a pro that most of them have been following to produce fantastic baked goods.


1. Prepare For Faster Baking Process

prepare for faster baking process

Always plan what to bake and ingredients to buy and know the recipes and equipment to use. Then, put everything in place (on your baking table, near or adjacent to your baking oven). Measure your ingredients, stock them up on small bowls, and have your baking tools near you before you get started. This way, it’s easy for you to remember the steps in baking and things will go smoother and faster.


2. Use Fresh Ingredients

use fresh ingredients

This means you should immediately use the ingredients you bought earlier or last night. Check the expiration dates and throw them out past it. You might be tempted to use the old ingredients from your previous baking, but as much as possible, don’t. Using the old ones will affect the flavor and structure of your pastries. A tip would be to only buy ingredients enough for today or tomorrow’s baking and avoid stocking up too much of them.


3. Ingredients Should Be At Room Temperature

ingredients should be at room temperature

Things will go easier if your butter is not as cold as an ice. Make sure you’ve taken the eggs, butter, and milk out of the fridge for a while so they can be at room temperature. This will make the baking process such as mixing, smoother.


4. Know The Measurements By Heart

know the measurements by heart

Knowing the measurements by heart is one of the best qualities a pro baker should have. They say it’s both art and science, so following the recipe is crucial to producing baked goods. Know the equivalents of every teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pint, and quarts to make baking small to large pastries less stressful in the process. Remember that: 3 teaspoons are equal to 1 tablespoon; 16 tablespoons is equal to 1 cup; 2 cups is equal to 1 pint, and 2 pints is equal to 1 quart. Scaling the recipes is easier when you know these basic baking equivalents.


5. Mix Just Right

mix just right

One rule to baking like a pro is to never overmix your ingredients or batter. Use a good spatula and Non-Stick Pans that are sturdy and flexible for mixing and getting into tight spots.


6. Use The Right Pan

use the right pan

Want a crunchy pie crust bottom? Then use a metal pan since they’re thinner and the best heat conductor than other materials. You can also use a glass plate, put place it closer to the heating element so it can be cooked easily. Ceramic pan plates are poor heat conductors, which makes your pie soggy, so avoid using them. Use Silicone Tray Holders / Mat when you take out your baking pans or trays, plus you can place them underneath as heat resistant mats.


7. Scoop Cookies and Muffin Batters Well

scoop cookie and muffin batters well

Using spoons in dropping cookie or muffin batters may end up producing different sizes. Use a cookie or batter scoop so you can work faster, neater, and make portioning of your baked goods uniform in sizes. Use a Silicone Muffin and Cupcake Baking Pan to ensure perfect baking of your pastries.


8. Reduce Baking Time

reduce baking time

Avoid producing dry or burned baked goodies by setting your timer for about 5 minutes less than the minimum bake time from the recipe. Usually, the oven’s temperature will do the work of finalizing the heating process of your pastry when the timer’s up. Plus, some cookies, brownies, and muffins are more delectable when taken out immediately.


9. Be Patient, Don’t Rush The Dough Rise

don't rush the dough rise

Leave the slow, natural process of dough rising be in room temperature. Do not put it in warmer spots just to speed things up, as it may affect the quality of the pastry. In short, be patient with your bread.


10. Cut Pastry Bars Perfectly

cut brownies perfectly

Cut perfect square slices of your bars and brownies out of the pan, not while on it. Use a parchment paper lining the pan, which will then be used to lift the slab of goodness out of the pan. Cut them into squares on a Premium Bamboo Cutting Board for safer, easier, and perfectly-sized cuts.


It’s time to perfect your cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, and other pastries on your next baking series and be a pro!