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Unhealthy Turned Healthy Recipes

Nowadays, it’s all about eating healthy foods. Sometimes, we still crave our favorite comfort foods and junk foods. So, we gathered five of the most common recipes and look for their healthier versions. These recipes cut back on sugar, salt, and fat. Go ahead, give them a try!

Double Chocolate Brownies via FoodNetwork

Double Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are decadent and packed with sugar. They are fattening! This recipe, however, is a whole lot healthier than your usual brownie recipe. They are lighter and healthier!

Classic Apple Pie via Health

classic apple pie

This classic apple pie recipe is almost better than your mom’s recipe! There’s less than 300 calories per slice. This is not something you can say with most apple pie recipes. This delicious twist on the classic recipe cuts the sugar, and lets you just enjoy the sweetness and tartness of apples.

Skinny Guacamole via EatingWell

Skinny Guacamole

Guacamole is incredibly popular and yummy, but avocado is packed with calories. This recipe replaces the avocado with a low-calorie vegetable, zucchini. This simple swap cuts 100 calories and 6 grams of fat from the regular guacamole recipe. You can steam the zucchini on the stovetop or cook it in the microwave.

Fettucine Primavera via Taste

Fettucine Primavera

Who doesn’t love fettucine, right? It’s a fairly common recipe – and you will find numerous fettucine recipes online. They are usually packed with cream, calories and fat. This recipe, however, is light and perfect for all seasons. Top it with shallots and lemon rind. Serve.

Mac & Cheese via Prevention

Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese is a staple in most households. It’s often served and enjoyed by families every week. It is often made with cream. This healthier version uses squash to give the recipe its thick texture. Top it with bread crumbs before serving.

Baked Corn Dogs via TheBakerMama

Baked Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are pretty common. They’re a favorite in state fairs – and they’re perfect for spring. This particular recipe is amazing. It’s made of crispy thin layer of cornmeal dough surrounding a juicy hot dog. Dip it in a little mustard or ketchup, and you’re all set. This recipe is healthier than your usual corn dog recipes.