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May Food Holidays

We celebrate occasions with food and what makes every month special is there are food holidays to look forward to. This May, you have a couple of foods to prepare, indulge on, serve, and enjoy, may they be sweet treats, snacks, or dishes.

 May food holiday graphic

Classic Chocolate Parfait for National Chocolate Parfait Day

 classic chocolate parfait

When you think of desserts, the most common theme would be chocolates. Chocolate parfaits are no stranger to it. Who can resist its layers of delectableness? You can see them served in restaurants, but you can actually make your own.


Philly Italian Hoagie for National Hoagie Day

Philly Italian hoagie

One big bite of this Philly Italian hoagie can make you feel like dining in heaven. The ham, salami, peppers, cheese, and veggies make this sub-sandwich a top contender to the famous sandwich stores.


Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie for National Coconut Cream Pie Day

 coconut cream pie

The tropical taste of coconuts can give a fresh, delectable taste to your palate. Coconut cream pies magically create a sweet, warm, fuzzy feeling of wanting to eat some more of those coconut custard filling and cream. They are truly irresistible so make and indulge on some.


Nutty Chocolate Fudge for National Nutty Fudge Day

 nutty chocolate fudge

Nuts and chocolates combined is a mouthful burst of pleasure. This nutty chocolate fudge is not only eaten during the holidays but can also be munched any day. Make some for the whole family.


Filipino Style Pork Barbecue for National Barbecue Day

 Filipino style pork barbecue

Try something different and exciting with your pork dishes. The thinly sliced marinated Filipino style pork barbecue on sticks is a flavorful mix of sweet and spices grilled over charcoal and dipped in spicy vinegar will make you wanting for more.


Classic Cheese Souffle for National Cheese Souffle Day

 classic cheese souffle

Most people love cheese and you have to admit to being one. They add flavor, texture, and character to your dishes, especially if you serve the classic cheese souffle on the plate.


Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich for Italian Beef Day

 Chicago Italian beef sandwich

Have a round of rich flavored, crunchy, meaty goodness with Chicago Italian beef sandwich. This easy to make recipe will not only fill your tummy but also satisfy your cravings for beef and sandwiches.


Coconut Macaroons for National Macaroon Day

 coconut macaroons

Who agrees that macaroons are the perfect, non-messy sweet treats you can bring anywhere? Make it extra special by baking coconut macaroons your family and friends will surely love.