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Cool and Tasty Veggie-Based Summer Beverages

The weather is hot, and the summer wave has reached the entire nation. There may be some canceled out of town trips or activities, but there are still a bunch of ways to chill under the sun. Remember your veggies, those greens you prep for your salad, as your side dish, soups, or even putting in some of your meals? The good news is that those greens are not only for eating but also for drinking. You can definitely make them into cool and tasty veggie-based summer beverages, and vegans and some organic-living enthusiasts do this.

You can juice them or make veggie smoothies to make them easier to consume. Keep your body cool while consuming something healthier. These cool and tasty veggie-based summer beverages are what you should try to stay healthier and more energized this season and the next.

 green juices

Veggie Juices

Similar to fruits, there are veggies that make the best juices by drinking them as is, or by adding some fruit juices with it. This is beneficial for those who want to get a dose of vitamins and want something simpler to drink down. Infuse and store them in our QuickPour White Airtight Pitcher. Time to use your juicer ‘coz here is a list of some best veggies for juicing:

  • Tomatoes – Yes, they are fruits, but come on, many still consider them as veggies, and what matters is that they’re packed in vitamin C and lycopene (fights off free radicals and carcinogens).
  • Broccoli – Yes, you can juice broccoli. Since it has a strong taste, you should wash them properly, remove skin and stem, and mix with other fruits or honey in the juicer as well.
  • Kale, Spinach, Chard – These antioxidant leafy greens can also be juiced. Even though they have milder flavors than other veggies, you can still add some fruit juices if you want. You can infuse your fresh veggies in our FusePour Large Pitcher.
  • Beets – Even vitamin C-packed beets can be juiced, with its vibrant, root crop flavor.

beet juice

  • Carrots – These orange-colored root veggies are popular to juice as they are good immunity boosters and vitamin A-rich. They can be consumed as is because of their sweetness or goes well with sour oranges or lemons if you want to add more flavor.
  • Wheatgrass – Boost your nutrients with what’s considered as a popular veggie for juicing. Wheatgrass juice can be consumed as is or with any fruit juice for a boost in nutrients.
  • Cucumber – Cucumbers are perfect for juicing since they have high water content, keeping you hydrated. They’re also rich in vitamins C and K.
  • Herbs – Extract the juice out of your precious herbs and get all the cool nutrients your body needs.

Include these veggies in the juicer, and you can mix them with fruit juices and ice from our Silicone Ice Cube Trays for a cooler and tastier summer drink.


Veggie Smoothies

Aside from juicing, blending, and making veggie smoothies is also the way to go so you can easily consume your greens and make them cool and tastier. Here are some of the veggies you can turn into cool, delectable smoothies.

green leafy smoothie

  • Morning Leafy Smoothie

Start your morning right, the cooler and tastier way. This can be your kale or other leafy greens such as spinach, chard, and cabbage. This morning leafy smoothie can be mixed with coconut water, avocado, pineapple, lime zest, berries, make it your own, as long as you bring a refreshing taste out from it. This can also be filling so you won’t feel as hungry before lunch.

  • Beet-Ginger-Berry Smoothie

What a cool, flavorful combination this really is. The sweet and warm earthy taste of this vibrant beet-ginger-berry smoothie will make your summer day cool. You can add some chia seeds to up its texture and fiber. For a much cooler and tastier drinking experience, try using our Stainless Steel Smooth Edge Cups.

  • Ultimate Green Smoothie

If you are into working out especially under the heat of summer, then this is perfect for you. Cool hydration plus energy-boosting ingredients make an ultimate green smoothie. You can put in either spinach, kale, parsley, cucumber, celery, sweet potatoes, or beets, or a combination of any or all of them. Add some power boosters such as wheatgrass, seeds, berries, and yogurt. All of these improves your performance by keeping your muscles and bones stronger and functional.

green smoothie

There are a whole lot more veggies that you can experiment with and blend. Make sure to blend your greens very well along with the other ingredients such as ice, seeds, nuts, and cereals to make the coolest and tastiest veggie-based summer beverages for you and everyone. You can even store them in our 18 oz. Glass Bottles (6-Pack) to portion them, store in the fridge, or bring when you go out.

Veggie-based beverages even gained popularity to many, so why not make a cool and tastier drink of it this summer?