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9 Modern Taco Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

It is the first of May and we can all feel the jolly vibe of Cinco de Mayo! Now if you need taco recipes to inspire what you will bring to the potluck on the 5th or whether it is for the family's at home taquiza tradition, we got you!

Below are modern and unique taco recipes that will surely wow the guests and excite everyone's palates.

Wonton Taco Cups

Wonton wrappers are a great substitute to the usual taco shells. They have a light yet distinct crisp that doesn't steal the spotlight from the filling. These attributes make them a hit when making mini versions of your usual tacos.

Crunchy Taco Cups

Taco Recipes - Crunchy Taco Cups

Spicy tomatoes, seasoned ground beef and lots of cheese held together in a nice and wrispy wonton shell. That's the crunchy taco cups by Kevin and Amanda.

Crunchy Veggie Taco Cups

Taco Recipes - Crunchy Veggie Taco Cups

Tacos do not have to be loaded with ground meat always. That is especially when you can work up a creative vegetarian filling that's still as tasty and as fun. A good example is this Crunchy Veggie Taco Cups by Cyd Converse.

Fish Taco Bites

Taco Recipes - Fish Taco Bites

If you can make veggie taco cups, you can always have fish too! And this Fish Taco Bites recipe by Julie Ruble is definitely one for you to check out and maybe try to make! This one uses phyllo cups instead of wonton wrappers but you can always do the switch.

Here is a trick: instead of using tin muffin pans, opt for silicone ones as these do not require pre-coating of fat or butter.

Taco Recipes - Crystal Bake

If muffin pans are not your go-to because they are sloppy, you need to check out the Crystal Bake SteelRim Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan. Yes, you read that right - unlike your conventional silicone pan, the rim on this one is rigid. That solves the sloppy pan problem!

Taco Hybrids

The cool thing about modern day cooking is that your options are endless. You can create new dishes by tweaking traditional ones or by combining them to make hybrids. So we thought, it will be great to include hybrid taco recipes on our list.

Taco Ring

Taco Recipes - Taco Ring

Taco pizzas are quite common. However, this pull-apart type crescent roll by Christin of is something.The crescent roll dough gives it that "flaky and fluffy" texture that we all love. Depending on your portions, this taco ring can be served as appetizers or as the actual meals.

Bacon Taco Shells

Taco Recipes - Bacon Taco Shells

You see, May 5th falls on a Friday. And if your Fridays are already normally jovial, this recipe will be a good company. Bacon Taco Shells - imagine that!

Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps

Taco Recipes - Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps

Cinco de Mayo parties can be very loaded with red meat and carbs. If you want to serve something that gives the whole menu a balance, then this recipe is what you need. Lettuce wraps had been making rounds in the internet but this recipe's fish-based filling gives it a fresh and unique flare.

In this original recipe, the fish is pan-fried. You can also roast the fish in the oven if you want to use less fat. But even when you opt to pan-fry or roast, the Cleverona Essential Nonstick Fry Pan will be helpful! Should you opt for the latter, you'll be glad that this fry pan's handle easily detaches! Of course, this fry pan is great for your one-skillet taco dishes too.

One-skillet Taco Recipes

Here is another modern twist to this traditional Mexican food that we love. One-skillet taco recipes can be eaten as a meal, as a dip or as a combination of the two. These dishes are filling and gives as much room for culinary creativity as your usual tacos.

One-pot Cheesy Taco Pasta

Taco Recipes - One-pot Cheesy Taco Pasta

In the place of taco shells, this one features cork screw pasta. However, it retains the seasoned ground beef, taco spices and of course, lots and lots of shredded cheese.

Turkey Taco Skillet

Taco Recipes - Turkey Taco Skillet

Salsa, spiced-up ground turkey, black beans, tomatoes, radish, avocado, sour cream and cheese. This time, it includes shredded tortilla. Traditional but also creative. So give this one a perfect 10.

Zucchini Beef Taco Skillet

Taco Recipes - Zucchini and Beef Taco Skillet

These days, zucchinis are a known healthy substitute for pasta. Of course, these veggies are so versatile, they make great substitute for your tortilla too! If you have less than an hour to cook up something tasty and healthy for the Cinco de Mayo potluck, it is this.

Bonus: since there is no party without the salsa and the chips, regardless of how you want your tacos to be, you need to see this guide on How to Create a Salsa Bar by The Lady Behind the Curtain. It includes sure-hit salsa recipes too.

So have you thought about your Cinco de Mayo menu? If yours is still in progress, we really suggest you go visit the full versions of the taco recipes we featured above. Whether you pick one or two, your picks will surely not disappoint. ¡Buena suerte!