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Featured Food Blogger of the Month: Tina Marie Roberge of Gluten Free Foodsmith

Tina Marie is the culinary talent behind Gluten-Free Foodsmith.  She has mastered the art of whipping up delicious food that is completely gluten free! Tina lives in a small town northwest of Portland, Maine.  This is her home. This is where she explores her passion for cooking.

“The aroma coming from a home cooked meal, especially one I’m cooking is an aphrodisiac. Cooking is my addiction.”

She loves to cook for people especially her husband for more than two decades and her grandchildren for whom she’s always ready to bake some delicious brownies and cookies.  She loves to see people blissfully eating her culinary treats.

She first started cooking gluten-free when she became ill and had to undergo a series of tests to see what was wrong with her.  After much frustration, they discovered that gluten was definitely one of her issues.  So, she started cooking gluten-free dishes.  She has been gluten-free for years and has accumulated countless recipes to share with her blog readers.

1. What is the best thing about Portland? What is it's culinary secret?

Portland Maine is the hub of Maine. I enjoy sitting downtown and watching all the people go from place to place and seeing the tourist take in our local sites with pleasure. The best culinary secret is a small place hidden downtown and they have an amazing full gluten-free menu. It's called Zen Chinese Bistro and if anyone is in the area make sure to stop
in a give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

2. Do you create your own recipes? How do you come up with new ones? Where do you get the inspiration?

Yes. I create my own recipes in my small kitchen at home. My inspirations come from my family. My mother and grandmother were one of the best cooks I knew and I so enjoy recreating their recipes into gluten-free deliciousness

gluten free foodsmith recipes

It easy to come up with new and delicious recipes, all I do is walk in the kitchen, turn on some music and open up the cupboards and see what happens next. I'm inspirited by all those who cook and bake but my family keeps me wanting to make new things. They love to come over and run to the kitchen to see what I've made for them.

3. Can you tell us about your food blog? What is the most difficult thing
about being a food blogger?

I would think the most difficult thing about blogging is getting your list of followers. Returning followers to the blog is amazing. I really enjoy when I'm asked to convert one of their family recipes over to a gluten-free masterpiece.

4. Can you walk us through a day in your life? What occupies your time
when you're not busy whipping up delicious gluten-free recipes?

My day always starts off with a quiet morning with a cup of tea and some thought on how I want to proceed with the day. That is, unless I have my grandchildren here and then we all go into the kitchen to make up something fun and delicious.

Sometimes I like to put a do not disturb on my door just so I can refuel. We all need to refresh our minds and I do so by hitting a new little cafe or small restaurant to some of their new foods.

5. What are the three recipes that best represent your kitchen? Gluten Free Foodsmith best recipes

I really had to think about this questions because I think all of them represent who I am and what I do, but my most favorite are the ones that my mother, grandmother and mother in law had made many years ago. Those would be My Chicken and Waffles with Pecan Sauce, Grandma's Goulash, and Chicken and Dumplings, oh, and my Biscuits and Gravy. Although, I have enjoyed each recipe that has been put up on the blog, these are my favorite to make for my family.

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