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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Mani Mukhija of Ginger It Up

Mani Mukhija is the creative force behind Ginger It Up.  She is an established food blogger, aspiring writer, inspirational coach, and entrepreneur.  She frequently features inspiring stories and articles on her blog.

Many of her recipes and articles have been published by various online publications like Oximity news, Criticl News & Media, The Huffington Post and many more.  She develops health and nutrition-based recipes that match the latest food trends.

Mani worked as an IT professional all over the world before she became a food blogger.  The frequent globe trotting with her family introduced her to different world cuisines.  She has always been a food enthusiast since childhood. Her mom, who is her culinary inspiration, introduced her to cooking.  So, even as a child, she enjoyed doing food experiments.

Corporate work and frequent travels made it difficult for her to raise her kids and spend time with her family. So, she decided to choose her own path and start a food blog.  Now, she enjoys traveling without worrying about leaving her job. She can take her blog anywhere she goes.  She feels that her blog gave her an identity.

1. What inspired the title of your blog?

First of all, thank you so much for sending me an interview invite. It’s a pleasure to be on Pratico Goods.

Ginger-Up means to ‘Jazz-Up’! Good Food plays a vital role in jazzing up the boredom of life and bringing us back to positive spirits. Also, the naming of blog was something to match my personality. I love to be a joyful person all the time and believe in appreciating life under all circumstances.

Life comes up with new challenges every day. We all get just one life and we should try to make the BEST out of it! After all, its up-to us to Ginger-Up our lives by enjoying each and every moment.

So, I wanted my readers to Ginger-it-Up’ too with my recipes and write-ups.

2. If you could describe your blog in three words what would they be?  How would you describe the nature of your blog?

Food, Life, Inspiration
(My Blog is beyond a food blog-it talks about life and inspiration too!)

I have recently started an inspirational.  Rendezvous series with entrepreneurs on my blog. I am a freelance creative writer and write motivational articles too.  So, that makes my food blog to be a Food and inspiration blog.

3. What are the biggest challenges and greatest rewards of being a food blogger?

The biggest challenges are to come up with Creative & Consistent content that appeals to everyone. Another challenge is to stand out as there are so many food bloggers on the web. You have to reminisce to stay true to who you are and the passion that drives you to succeed. Coming up with a unique style of blogging and maintaining that style is really tricky if a food blogger has to stand out from the crowd.

gingeritup recipes

To see many of my recipes hitting the top of google is one of the biggest accolades for me. There has been a couple of times when people remembered my face and asked me in the local Indian grocery store if I am a food blogger. It gives a sense of immense pleasure and owning an identity when people read your blog and remember your appearance! Another reward is meeting awesome readers and other bloggers from all around the world and building new friendships.

4. Have you always had a passion for cooking? What inspires your cooking?

Yes, being in the kitchen and creating new recipes always makes my soul happy. For me as a person, it’s all about possessing a creative outlet in my life. Cooking & Writing is something that creates this creative outlet naturally within me.

gingeritup recipes

My two daughters Cyra (7 yrs old) & Nysa (2 yrs. Old) are selective eaters. My li’l picky-eaters have encouraged me to experiment and cook in a special way to pamper them and try to incorporate healthy ingredients while making it look attractive. My recipes are healthy, easy to make and friendly.

My mum has always been an inspiration and my cooking Guru. Her philosophy is that cooking is the easiest thing in this world. We just need to have resources and never be scared of trying!!!

So, that thought from mom kept my journey towards cooking alive since childhood and I never shied away from messing up hands in the flour to knead that sticky dough.

5. What occupies your time when you're not in your kitchen or writing a blog?

My life revolves around my husband and kids. So, I am always spending time with them when I’m not in the kitchen or not writing a blog.

6. What are your three most epic recipes?

Watermelon Pink Lemonade Cooler

  • Hyderabadi Baingan Ka Salan (Baby Eggplant simmered in Rich Spicy Gravy- Indian Style) - In the featured snippet of Google( At number 1 in Google search result)

Hyderabadi Baingan Ka Salan

Kadhai Paneer- Cottage Cheese Sautéed in Tomato

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