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Featured Blogger of the Week: Kimberly White of Yogitrition

Kimberly White is the founder of  She possesses a smoldering passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  She aims to inspire people to expand their awareness and broaden their horizons when it comes to giving importance to their health.

She shares delicious plant-based recipes, provides nutrition resources, shares detox tips, and offers a glimpse into her healthy lifestyle. She works with clients all over the world and offers private coaching sessions and cooking classes.

1. How has the practice of yoga made a difference in your life?

It’s so funny, no matter how many times I’m asked this question, I always struggle with coming up with an answer. Not because yoga hasn’t impacted my life, but rather the opposite. Yoga has changed my life so profoundly that it’s very difficult to put it into words. There isn’t one aspect of my being that isn’t touched by yoga. 

Once I learned to look beyond the calisthenics (the physical practice) of yoga, a whole new world of awareness and discipline opened up for me. My mat was no longer a “place” where my practice occurred, it was now a mirror to both my inner and outer world. I began to see how every action and reaction on my mat—the thoughts that run through my head, the emotions I feel, the judgments I make, the choices I make, the quality of my breath, etc.,--all reflect how I’m currently managing my life.

The more awareness and compassion that I bring into my practice, the more awareness and compassion I automatically bring into my life.    

2. What makes your coaching sessions different from other similar classes online?

I would have to say my holistic approach to health and wellness is what differentiates me the most from other online coaching practitioners. It was through my own healing journey, which is still an ongoing journey by the way, that I realized no amount of hard work was going to provide the results I desired until I learned how to truly nurture myself to the core.

Many times, food is the last area of focus when I begin working with a new client. I go to the heart of the matter and look for the root cause(s) of the imbalance showing up as disease in someone’s life.

More often than not, as I help my clients peel back the layers, lack of self-love and self-acceptance are at the core of the problem. When you can teach a client how to love and nurture themselves from a sincere place deep within their heart, the rest is easy.

3. In your opinion, what is the role of food in the practice of yoga?

In my opinion, the role of food in yoga practice encompasses all aspects including nutrition, mindfulness, discipline, joy, mastery, wisdom, and love. You can take each aspect and expand upon it a million times over because yoga allows you to see how you’re continually expanding and changing based on your increased awareness.

For example, one of the Yamas in the Eight Limb Path of Yoga is “Ahimsa,” meaning non-violence towards yourself and others. How far can this one aspect stretch and expand when it comes to food? Pretty far when you think about it.  

4. Do you have a guilty pleasure; something totally "unhealthy" that you prefer to eat when nobody is looking?

Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips are really my only vice when it comes to food. I’m not a big “sweets” person, but salty & crunchy are hard for me to resist. I don’t even hide it! If a jar of mayonnaise is lying around, I may use a little as a dip for my chips. Yes, I just admitted to this!! Thankfully, I don’t keep mayo in my fridge.

5. What is the recipe that best represents your kitchen?

I would have to say the recipe that best represents my kitchen is my Walnut Basil Pesto Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze. I’m all about high impact, nutrient-dense meals that are both delicious and simple to prepare. Everything about this recipe illustrates who I am, both as a wellness coach and a creative in the kitchen. I love creating food that is high impact enough to work as a snack or meal, and fancy enough to end up on your favorite party tray.

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