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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Beth Moncel of Budget Bytes

Today, we are featuring Beth, the author of Budget Bytes, both the book and the blog. Beth is a food lover and number cruncher. Believing that budget eating shouldn’t mean canned beans or ramen noodles, she created a web log of all her delicious budget recipes.

She also published a cookbook, Budget Bytes which offers mouthwatering and affordable recipes. When she’s not busy writing or whipping up budget meals, she works as a microbiologist in a hospital laboratory.

1. Your cookbook, Budget Bytes, seems like a very interesting and practical book. How long did it take you to complete the book and what was the origin story of the book?

The process of writing a book took a year and a half. The first six months were spend writing the first draft, the second six months were several rounds of edits and taking photos, and the final six months were finishing touches and promotion. Luckily, it went very quickly, but it was a huge project and I'm not sure I'd ever want to do that again! Writing content for a blog is so much more accessible.

2. I love the financial tips and aspects in relation to cooking. What inspired you to develop content for this niche?

This blog was born out of personal need. After graduating college I was not making very much money and I had huge student loan payments. I had already squeezed all discretionary spending out of my budget, so I had to cut back on necessities. So, I challenged myself to spend $6 or less on food per day. It was a fun experiment, so I decided to blog about my experience, never knowing it would grow into something this large or help so many people.

3. I understand you've worked in commercial kitchens. What's the main difference between working in a commercial kitchen and working in a home kitchen?

In commercial kitchens you have so many tools, supplies, and ingredients that you feel like you could make anything on a whim. Most home cooks have a much more limited pantry and very basic tools, so you have to get creative.

4. How does your profession (microbiologist) influence the way you choose your ingredients and recipes?

It actually doesn't have much of an effect, or not much that I notice! I do have to be very meticulous and detail oriented at work, so when I cook for fun it's all art, creativity, and freedom. I wouldn't ever measure anything if it weren't for the fact that I calculate costs for the blog. Cooking is definitely my creative outlet.

5. What projects are you looking forward to for the rest of 2016 and beyond?

I'm starting to experiment a lot with video and I think it will be a great new way to connect with my readers and show them things that I couldn't in the past with static photos. It's also a new creative frontier, which I very much appreciate. I only have a few videos on my Youtube channel so far, but I hope to add more soon! 

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