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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Alyssa Ponticello of the Runway Chef

Alyssa is a Brooklyn-based blogger and digital lifestyle content creator who is always planning her next meal, her next outfit and/or her next getaway.

Whether wearing, eating, dwelling, wandering or celebrating, she believes both food & fashion play integral intertwining parts in creating a beautiful life and she hopes to inspire people to do just that on Runway Chef.

1. Your website, Runway Chef, is amazing. What are some of the major factors that has contributed to the success and long staying power of the site?

Thank you so much for the compliment! I’d like to think that the longevity of the site has to do with staying true to myself while taking into consideration what my audience likes, being unique and working hard (#nevernotworking).

2. You've been in so many countries. In your opinion, what country has the more memorable cuisine?

the runaway chef travels

Barbados cuisine sounds very unique, can you tell us a little bit more about your experience with it? Ohhh, tough question! I’m not a picky eater so as long as it’s nothing too out there, I tend to be happy with the cuisine wherever I am.

However, as much as I love French and Italian food, one of the most memorable places, cuisine wise, was Santorini. The produce was the freshest I’ve ever tasted. It almost didn’t seem real. And the seafood was incredible!

Similarly, Barbados also has incredible seafood, and, for a small island, they’re selection of restaurants is amazing. I don’t remember a single bad meal in either of my trips there. One of their specialties is flying fish. Yes, it’s really a fish that you’ll see “flying” (jumping) out of the water and yes, it does taste good. It’s usually served fried and you’ll find it on most menus, but one of the best places (in my opinion) to get it is at Oistin’s Fish Fry on Friday nights.

3. Your DIY tips are awesome. What is your process for coming up with these ideas?

the runaway chef diy

Thanks so much! A lot of my ideas come from a necessity for an item I either can’t find in my price range, style or just plain can’t find at all.

4. I was wondering, does Mr. RC help you come up with the recipes featured in your The Cooking Couple series? How does that work?

the runaway chef and husband

He does actually. We’re both avid cooks and one of our favorite things to do is meal plan, grocery shop and then actually cook together. All of The Cooking Couple recipes (as well as many of the other recipes) are, more often than not, a collaborative effort between the two of us.

5. How do you choose which products to recommend to your fashion-inclined readers? 

the runaway chef fashionPlain and simple, if I like something I’ll recommend it. However, as I’ve evolved personally, my style and the brands I like has evolved too. I’ve become much pickier with my choices which means I’ve become pickier with what I recommend. While I generally like things to be as budget-friendly as possible, I’m ultimately looking for classic pieces that are well-made, versatile and flattering. Bonus points if the item is sustainably made!

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