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Featured Food Blogger of the Week: Allison Boyer of PinterTest Kitchen

Allison Boyer is one of the Boyer ladies who run PinterTest Kitchen. She is a full time writer and Pinterest addict.

She currently resides in Norfolk, Virginia, where her kitchen is way too small and her craft area is overflowing with supplies and half-finished projects.

Her favorite things to cook include Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie, French bread pizza, chocolate pudding cake, cherry pie, chocolate covered bacon, and crab pasta.

She also enjoys reading, zombie movies, scrap booking, spending time at the beach, traveling, and being bossed around by her gigantic black cat, Godiva.

The PinterTest Kitchen is a collaboration between Allison, her mother, Sharon, and her sister, Jessica. Together, the three test recipes and other projects that are popular on Pinterest to see if they are really worth their readers’ pinning attention.

1. What prompted you to create your website? Were you already trying out different recipes and crafts from Pinterest? Who came up with the idea?

My family is close-knit, so even though I love living by the beach in southern Virginia, I miss being able to pop over to my mom's house in Central PA to whip up a batch of cookies or make dinner together.

Moving was really hard, because I missed them so much. We have always shared our favorite recipes and craft projects with one another on Pinterest, so starting a blog together seemed like a great idea

I called up my mom and sister one night with the idea and they agreed that the three of us would make a great team. The PinterTest Kitchen is a way for us to stay connected and share our favorite recipes with friends, family, and readers from around the world.

2. What's the most surprising thing you've discovered about Pinterest and all the pins there?

We learned pretty quickly that sometimes the most beautiful dishes that get really popular on Pinterest actually don't taste very good. We care about taste first and foremost. If we wouldn't serve it to our family and friends, it doesn't go on the blog, even if the dish looks pretty.

3. How often do you share new recipes? And how difficult is it to develop new ones

For us, it is about quality over quantity. We have a longer process to develop a recipe than some bloggers, simply because we only want to post recipes that we want to make again and again. If the recipe is just so-so, we'll make changes and try it again or just cross it off the list and move on to the next recipe. It has to be amazing to make it to our blog!

For example, I probably make this gingerbread recipe 10 times with little tweaks before I considered it ready for the blog. We also consider the difficulty of a recipe, because our readers don't want dishes that will take all day to create. We only want to post recipes that our family loves, because we want our readers' families to love them too.

4. When you are not updating your blog with new posts, or whipping up new recipes, or crafting, what occupies your time?

When I'm not blogging on The PinterTest Kitchen, I'm usually writing for one of my other blogs (Paid to Write 101 is for freelance writers and is where I post advice for other bloggers) or working on one of my novels.

I swear I'll finish writing one someday! I also travel to Pennsylvania pretty often to spend time with my family. We like to have family game night. My dad will even get into it if we place The Big Bang Theory trivia game!

My fiance and I also volunteer for an exotic animal rescue called The Bunny Hutch, and of course, we love spending at the beach. We're pretty busy, but we like it that way.

5. Finally, can you give us three recipes from Pinterest that you've given your own twist?

Sure! It's pretty hard to pick just three, since we have so many favorites. We do love these Mini Red Velvet Cookie Cups, which we created after seeing different flavors of cookie cups on Pinterest.

My dad loves red velvet, so he was pretty happy that we made them! These Blueberry Hand Pies are another favorite, because they are so quick and easy to make.

Last, I have to link you to our Coconut Cream Pie recipe. It's actually not from Pinterest though - this is a family favorite that was passed down from my grandmother. Back when she was still living, she would bring it one of these pies to every special family gathering. My mom did a lot of testing to get the recipe to turn out as good as hers! It's near and dear to our hearts, like a lot of the recipes we post on our blog. 

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