Why You Need a Removable Handle Frying Pan

The Cleverona Essential 11.00 inch frying pan features a SecureSnap handle – a proprietary handle that can be easily removed and attached to the pan.

Easy to Clean – Easily wash the pan in the sink or in the dishwasher – normal pans don’t fit the sink & their handles take up valuable dishwasher space

Multiple Ways to Store – Store the pan in the fridge, a drawer, cupboard, or shelf without taking as much room as a regular pan

Flexible Cooking Options – Bake the pan in the oven without taking up space as a normal pan would

The Cleverona Essential

IS PRO QUALITY – Made with high quality aluminum & features 11.00 inches of cooking space, a flared rim for drip-free pouring, a thick warp-resistant bottom that evenly distributes heat.

FITS WHERE OTHER PANS DON’T FIT – Detach the SecrureSnap handle to reduce pan length from 19.5″ to 13.4″ to fit in the fridge, sink, shelf, oven, dishwasher or any other tight spot.

IS EASY TO ATTACH & DETACH – It’s not just about saving space, but saving time as well. Handle snaps on quick, holds tight when attached, & detaches with ease.

WON’T STICK TO FOODS – With a durable 2-layer reinforced non-stick PFOA-free surface it resists scratches & allows you to cook with little oil or fat & food to slide right off.

CLEANS UP EASILY – Dishwasher safe or hand wash in the sink. Removable handle makes positioning & cleaning in the washer or sink effortless

COMES WITH LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – If there is any defect Cleverona will repair or replace the defective part.


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