Cleverona is excited to announce that with every purchase of ANY Cleverona branded product on any online retail website, we will donate a percentage of the proceeds to Common Threads. Common Threads is a non-profit organization focused on teaching kids about health, nutrition and providing hands-on cooking courses for underprivileged children in over 100 schools across the United States.

Every purchase you make contributes to hands-on cooking lessons for their after-school programs where kids learn about the nutrition, community, and culture of the cuisine they prepare and fitness. Not to mention the awesome stuff they get to cook and eat. We’ve had the pleasure of attending one of these 2 hours after-school classes, you can read more about that here.

For those of you who had additional questions about us, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQS) below. Feel free to email us at for any other questions.


Image: Common Threads Students Having a Blast

Why Common Threads?

When looking at many potential charities we wanted to partner up with, there were a few factors we wanted to consider. First, did the charity focus on health, fitness, and food, 3 subjects related to the products we plan to produce and we were passionate about and secondly, was the charity well run with reputable leaders and close ties to the communities they served. In both cases, Common Threads fit the bill.

Another factor that made us want to connect with Common Threads was their focus on education. We believe that well-structured hands-on programs taught by qualified and passionate professionals are they key to truly impacting the future of kids.

It’s obvious our society isn’t perfect nor fair but with the proper structure at home, school and education coupled with afterschool programs like the ones Common Threads provides to keep kids active,  healthy, and off the streets, children stand the best chance of becoming successful.

How Is Cleverona Contributing?

Simple! For any purchase of our Cleverona branded products you purchase online, we pledge to donate 10% of the sale price to Common Threads. Purchases must be made from authorized resellers and not third party sellers.


Can I Contribute Directly To Common Threads?

Absolutely! You can make a tax-deductible donation directly to Common Threads by clicking here.

How Do I Know That You Really Donate The Amount Pledged?

We’re glad you asked. In today’s day and age of scams and half-truths, we think a healthy scoop of skepticism followed by some due diligence is good for everybody. We encourage you to reach out to Common Threads directly to find out more about our partnership and contributions. We will also release a report of contributions after each quarter for all to see.

Every Cleverona Purchase Educates Kids on Health, Culture and Fitness

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